YunaPRO Delivers Paying Clients Directly To Your Online Business. Zero Ads, Less Content Creation, No Chasing Leads In Messenger...

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Our 3-Phase Facebook System Will Get You More Clients

You're too busy to waste time on things that don't move your business forward quickly. Let the YunaPRO software get you new paying clients using 3 simple steps:

The Harsh Truths We Discovered After 15 Years In Online Coaching...

#1) The "Freedom Fallacy"

Coaches start online businesses looking for time & financial "freedom" but end up working more while getting paid less.

#2) The "Lead Letdown"

Most coaches begin with a few "friends & family" leads, but after those dry up fast it feels nearly impossible to attract new leads.

#3) The "Squandered Skill"

Being overworked and underpaid forces many great coaches to give up (even though they have so much skill to offer!)

YunaPRO defends your business against these harsh truths, giving you an automated system to predictably gain leads, engagement and new paying clients.

Lucy & Dave Smith, founders of YunaPRO

“But, Facebook Isn't Working For Me...”

Let's face it - Being "on Facebook" without getting loads of leads is like going to a restaurant where the waiter never delivers your meal. You're NOT getting what you deserve!

That's where the YunaPRO software comes in. YunaPRO is the ultimate "online waiter" that delivers the hottest leads directly to you.

With YunaPRO

  • No Effort For You

  • New Leads Daily

  • Way More Sales

  • Excitement

Without YunaPRO

  • Lots Of Effort

  • No New Leads

  • No New Clients

  • Disappointment

YunaPRO Users Have Generated:


Targeted Leads


New Clients


In Online Revenue

How Will YunaPro Deliver Paying Clients Straight Into Your Lap?

First, the YunaPRO software scours Facebook groups, content, follower lists, and even the Facebook algorithm to find your ideal targeted leads.

Second, it automatically nurtures those leads by engaging on their posts, starting conversations inside Messenger, and putting more of your content in front of them.

And third, it tracks your leads so that you to make them an offer at the exact time they're most likely to buy from you.


Grow Audience


Nurture Leads



Every Tool You Need To Grow Your Business on Facebook Is Included...

Group Leads

Attract your ideal leads from any Facebook group

Content Leads

Target leads based on the content they engage with

Ad Leads

Scoop up leads directly from your competitors' ads

Welcome DMs

Build rapport by automatically messaging new leads

Comment Likes

Make your leads feel "heard" by auto-liking their comments

Comment Replies

Nurture your leads by instantly replying to their comments

Auto Messaging

Close sales directly in Messenger

Algorithm Boost

Strengthen your algorithm to get your content seen

Audience Growth

Gain targeted Facebook friends and followers

Group Growth

Fill your Facebook group with enthusiastic leads

Email Growth

Automatically grow your email list directly from Facebook

Instant Tagging

Move leads towards buying by tagging them on content

Lead Tracking

Track leads through"pipelines" so that you never miss a sale


Finely target your leads based on what they see and do

Bulk Messaging

Save hours by sending bulk messages to lists of leads


Reuse messages that have already proven to sell

Put This All Together And You Become Unstoppable...

For my last event I didn’t spend on FB Ads since I wanted to try out YunaPRO. It was so easy to use and not only provided me with high quality leads, but I was able to provide a much higher quality event to my participants which created a higher conversion rate. I made $5k in a week!!! The right leads + high-touch online interaction = high conversion rate

Jessica Holguin
Jessica Holguin
Online Marketing Coach

Ive had multiple setter calls daily the past few days and closed another client yesterday. And the YunaPRO system gives me lots of confidence that there will be many more perfect leads coming into my funnel.

Amadeo Aram
Amadeo Aram
Online Personal Trainer

Signed up 7 new clients in the last 7 days. Booked 5 calls last week from new audience members brought in organically using YunaPRO. The quality of conversations is so much higher. No more chasing dead leads... just sending offers to those that raise their hands!

Angela Campbell
Angela Campbell
Online Fitness Coach

Guys YunaPRO is going to change the game for coaches who have it!

Alex Povey
Online Business Mentor

Any Online Service In Any Niche Can Profit From YunaPRO...

  • Business Mentors

  • Online Advertisers

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • Dating Coaches

  • Fitness Coaches

  • Agency Owners

  • Marriage Counsellors

  • Course Creators

  • Copywriters

  • Sports Coaches

  • Nutritionists

  • Financial Planners

Here Are 5 "Must-Have" Bonuses You're About To Get...

YunaPRO + Go Highlevel

Bonus #1


The "behind-the-scenes" tool you need...

While YunaPRO is the easiest way to get clients on Facebook, there are some other business tasks that YunaPRO can't do for you - Building sales funnels, hosting online courses, email marketing, taking payments, calendar bookings, etc.

That's why we've bundled Go HighLevel (incl. 24/7 support) with your YunaPRO membership. These are the only 2 tools we use to earn millions of dollars online, and right now you get them both when you join YunaPRO!



Bonus #2

You're busy. Let us help...

Not only have we mapped out the plan to outsource all of your Facebook marketing activities, but we have a team of virtual assistants ready to take it over for you.

Once our lead-flow system is installed into your business, we'll get you connected with a trained VA who will become a dedicated member of your team. This will save you dozens of hours each month - You can now focus on more important tasks.

Save Time, Save Money, Earn More.

Yes, These Results Are Typical...


Dave Crawford

Online Marketer


Angela Campbell

Online Fitness Coach


Vince Delmonte

CEO of The 7-Figure Mastermind


Shelly Yorgensen

Executive Networking Events


Jason Meland

Business Coach


Cody Kline

Here's Everything You're About To Get...

Everything You Get Value
Unlimited YunaPRO Software Access
Lifetime Access To The YunaPRO Automated Facebook Marketing System
LIVE Weekly Business Coaching Calls
Bonus #1: Go HighLevel (incl. 24/7 Support)
Bonus #2: Offload & Outsource
Bonus #3: Content Prospecting Patterns
Bonus #4: Facebook Group Revival
Bonus #5: Schedule To Sell
Bonus #5: 2-For-1 Tech Upgrade
VIP Workshop Pass
VIP Unlimited Support
VIP Community
Total Value: $27,098

'Audience Growth ' Guarantee


With our 100% money-back guarantee we take all the risk for you. Just install the YunaPRO software, go through the YunaPRO training, and let our 3-phase process take over.

If you don't feel like your Facebook audience is growing with amazing prospects as quickly as you had hoped, just email us. We 'll refund your purchase within 1 business day and let you keep all of the training and bonus downloads as our gift to you. That's how confident we are that this is the shortcut your business needs right now.

Still Not Sure If This Is For You?

See What Other Members Are Saying...

I've officially grown my group from 330 to 430 in less than a month! In the past I remembering spending over $1,000 on ads to grow my group the same number in the same timeframe.

Jessica Marie
Jessica Marie
Personal Finance Coach

Loving the process and automation systems. I really love the way you and Lucy have your audience running towards you, that's my goal and YunaPRO is helping a lot.

Fred Auston
Fred Auston
Online Fitness Coach

After adding all the automation, people are now finding my Facebook group and asking to join. SO AMAZING!! Thank you Dave & Lucy for creating such a seamless process that's helping so many businesses grow at an exponential pace!

Christina Giese
Christina Giese
Online Health Coach

I'm loving the software. I was a little worried about keeping my account safe but haven't had any issues. Ready to get the content machine, group growth, and appointments cranking!

Ron Medlin
Ron Medlin
Business Operations Mentor

Your Questions Answered

Will I Get All The Tools AND The Strategies I Need?

Yes! When you join us you'll get access to the YunaPRO system which is all you need to grow a hugely engaged audience full of leads. Plus, we'll teach you all of our best daily Facebook strategies so that you know exactly what to do each day.

Can I Get Coaching When I Need It?

Yes! In addition to all the training videos you'll gain access to there are also weekly coaching calls where you can ask any strategic questions you have. We're here to help you build a successful and profitable online business.

Can You Guarantee My Results?

Yes! Our job is to turn you into a thrilled client by delivering a huge return on your investment. We're so confident that this will be true for you that we've guaranteed it! Check out the guarantee on this page.

Will I Have Time For This?

Yes! The entire goal of automating your business with our YunaPRO system is to save you time. Just follow the steps we've laid out for you and watch the automation kick in.

I'm Not Tech-Savvy. Is This For Me?

Yes! We designed the YunaPRO system to be simple for any online coach to use. Plus, you will have unlimited VIP support from our world-class team whenever you need us.

Is It Safe For Me To Get Clients Using Automation On Facebook?

Yes! Before creating the YunaPRO system, we did all of our Facebook marketing by hand. Now, we still take the exact same marketing steps but the YunaPRO automation does it for us. Nothing has changed from Facebook's perspective, which is why getting clients this way is very safe.

Is YunaPRO Just Another Chrome Extension?

No. YunaPRO is a powerful cloud-based software that uses Chrome extension to communicate with your browser. All of your data is safely stored so that your privacy and business information is 100% secure.

If I Don't Like The Program, Can I Get A Refund?

Yes! If you're a first time user and you don't love the YunaPRO program, just email us in the first 30 days. We'll refund your purchase of the YunaPRO program and let you keep all the strategy downloads. That's how confident we are that this is the shortcut your business needs right now.

Does YunaPRO Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes! All YunaPRO members get 30% recurring commissions when they refer others to the program. We appreciate your referrals and look forward to paying you monthly commissions.